About Beckett Fuels


Beckett Fuels Ltd is a family-run company in Upper Ballinderry, Lisburn. We are determined to keep our standards high, whilst delivering you the best possible price. Our reliable delivery service mainly operates within a 15 mile radius around our offices in Ballinderry, Lisburn. Find out more about the Products we offer by contacting us or view todays prices on the side.

To help budget for your heating oil we also offer a Standing Order facility to which you can pay in a certain amount per week or month with no limits, if you would like to set this up do not hestitate in contacting us for a standing order form with your unique code.

We supply Kerosene and Gas Oil for domestic or commercial use, with a minimum quantity of 200 litres, we operate modern delivery tankers with well-trained drivers and provide a friendly, reliable and clean delivery service.

Kerosene / Home Heating Oil

Known as paraffin or burning oil. It is tinged yellow (from late 2002 due to the new Euromarker being added to prevent duty evasion). It is used for all appliances with vapourising burners (e.g. Aga cooker) and most domestic appliances using pressure jet burners (most central heating boilers).

Gas Oil / Red Diesel

Gas oil is the same fuel used by road diesel engines. It is deep red in colour and although it has a higher calorific value than kerosene it is rarely used in domestic heating because it attracts Excise Duty making it more expensive.

Diesel / Derv

Diesel fuel for on-road use is commonly abbreviated DERV , standing for Diesel Engined Road Vehicle, which carries a tax premium over equivalent fuel for non-road use.